About Synarti

Immerse with in Design Excellence

Synarti is a global luxury brand producing elevated and functional bathroom sanitary ware. Here at Synarti, we believe there’s more to the bathroom than what meets the eye, and that’s why through our well-defined design principles, minimalist aesthetics and exceptional standards we can achieve the perfect hybrid of practicality and style.

We offer our industry knowledge and products of the highest quality to ensure your bathroom is a space that rejuvenates the mind and body, giving you an enhanced day-to-day routine.

Our Projects


Synarti’s goal is to be the epitome of synchronized arts. We always strive to tailor supply to the demand in the market with our vast variety of products while also keeping in mind the functionality and refined aesthetics that cater to our customer’s needs.


As a leader in elevating customer satisfaction, Synarti places great value on our ability to be the one-stop location for the customer through its integration of the latest technology from Japan, processes and disciplines from the UK as well as designs and creativity from Italy that completes our product range.

Why Synarti


With Synchronized arts being our core value, Synarti uses the expertise from multiple countries such as Italy, UK, Portugal and Japan etc. to bring harmony to its product range through integration of the latest technology, discipline and creativity.


For Synarti, premium quality resides in our diligence and ensuring that all our products are manufactured to exceptional standards to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Research and Development

Synarti strives for continuous enhancement and alignment of the supply to demand through our research and development process. This leads us to produce a wide variety and availability of products which cater to the customer’s taste through design and advanced technology.